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Screw Distributors are suppliers of high quality products. This extends towards their screw anchors and other fastener anchors. We stock a variety of anchor screws intended for a variety of purposes. As such, those needing to buy anchors need not look further than Screw Distributors, as the types of anchors and anchor sizes we have available can fulfil most requirements. Additionally, we dedicate ourselves towards ensuring their correct usage, and relevant information in this endeavour is below.
Screw Anchors, or wall plugs as they are otherwise known, are generally used as attachments for various types of fasteners. More specifically, they find usage when the fastened material may not support the weight of the screw on its own. As an example, many masonry walls are too brittle to properly allow for the installation of fasteners per se. However, anchor screws also play a number of other roles, primarily as supportive elements of a system or structure.

Drop-In Anchors

Drop-in Anchors are primarily used in the installation of threaded rods into ceilings, and are available in a number of anchor sizes. As such, they are primarily consumed by the building construction industry. As such, when needing a flush mounted concrete anchor, the dropin anchor is useful. This is because it provides a tight and sturdy fastening for bolting or unbolting.
On top of this, the design of types of anchors allow it to reset itself if it slips or is not fully set into its fastening. If you’re looking to buy anchors of this type, visit its product page here.

Spring Toggles

Spring toggles, otherwise known as butterfly anchors, are screw anchors that include a spring-loaded wing design. Their design allows them to hang light loads from thin materials such as ceiling boards and drywalls. These anchor screws are an excellent choice, available in a number of anchor sizes, for builders that require a more concealed finish. Keep in mind, however, that the wings on the spring toggle must fold flat flat before insertion into its premade hole. If you’re looking to buy anchors of this type, visit our product page here.

Sleeve Anchors

Sleeve anchors are one of the types of anchors intended for fastening medium to heavy loads to walls and floors. Pre-drilled holes are necessary in its installation. And, once placed into the hole, tighten the nut on the sleeve anchor. This expands the sleeve, allowing for a tight fit and sturdy fastening.
Keep in mind, these screw anchors are for push-through installations and static applications. As well, the object that needs fastening needs to have the same sized hole drilled into it as the surface it needs fastening to. If you’re looking to buy anchors of this type, visit our product page here.

Nail-In Anchors

Nail-In Anchors, available in a number of anchor sizes, are ideal for a number of applications. They are sleeves generally made of plastic or nylon, intended to allow screws to fasten objects into masonry. After drilling the hole, insert the sleeve, then the installation of the screw itself expands the sleeve. This allows for a stronger fastening.
In terms of specific usage, it’s important to note that plastic nail-in types of anchors are better suited to interior use and are recognisable by their white colour. Nylon nail-in anchors are for exterior applications You can recognise by their grey colour. If you’re looking to buy anchors of this type, visit our product page here.

Wedge Anchors

These screw anchors are primarily used to fasten various materials to concrete. In fact, they are usually the best choice for those looking to anchor into solid concrete. Their holding values means that they are applicable in a variety of uses.
When installing these anchor screws, be certain to use the correct anchor sizes. Diameter and length need to be correct in order to ensure that it is properly and safely installed. If you’re looking to buy anchors of this type, visit our product page here.

Wall Plugs

Wall plugs are types of anchors that share a similar role to nail-in anchors. They are primarily used to allow screws to fasten objects to masonry while providing a sturdy, longterm holding solution. If you’re looking to buy anchors of this type, visit our product page here.

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Screw Distributors have established a reputation for excellence in the supply of fasteners. Our industry knowledge, combined with our dedication to excellent levels of service, means that we are able to meet the needs of our customers as per their specifications.

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