Set Screws

Screw Distributors are suppliers of high quality stainless steel set screws. We are able to provide them in various sizes as per requirements. Additionally, we are able to deliver them to your chosen address. Screw Distributors is also wary of the needs of our customers, and as such, we also seek to inform on the proper usage of the set screw wherever possible. As such, below is information as it relates to this type of hex head screw.
Stainless steel set screws find usage in many industrial and mechanical purposes. Specifically, they are most useful in applications where required components lock to rotating objects. These objects can be such components as drive shafts, pulleys, and wheels. Given their usage, it follows that any set screw needs to be of high quality in order to withstand the forces exerted on it.

Screw Distributors: Suppliers of High Quality Stainless Steel Set Screws

Screw Distributors have an established reputation as a reliable supplier of a wide array of fasteners, including the set screw. Our experience, in combination with our dedication to the industry and the needs of our customers, means that we are able to understand and meet their needs.

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