Screw Distributors: Leading Screw Suppliers

We are Screw Distributors, a professional fastener supplier of most screw types. We are highly professional hardware suppliers. To that end, we pride ourselves in allowing our customers to buy screws online and in-store.
Additionally, we are able to deliver their products to their chosen address.
We are a trusted supplier of hardware screws, as well as bits and sockets. All our available products adhere to international DIN and ISO standards. Additionally, as screw suppliers, we are able to import for customers as needed. These factors, have secured our position as a leading fastener supplier locally.

Buy Screws Online with Us

As leading screw suppliers, we at Screw Suppliers keep an extensive inventory. We have a wide range of screws, nuts, washers, rivets, and other fasteners available. We provide and supply these products off the shelf ex-stock.
Our primary aim is to enable our customers to buy screws online with ease. This is an endeavour to which we hold ourselves to a high professional standard.

Hardware Screws We Supply

As mentioned, we supply a wide range of fasteners made to suit different purposes. Below are some of the products we supply and their intended applications.
Drywall screws are one of the products we supply as hardware suppliers. They are for use in fixing drywall material to a substrate. Thanks to the sharp point and thread, this is achievable with ease. This is when using a screwdriver and an electric drill with a drywall bit.
Coach screws are for heavy duty construction work. A coach screw attaches metal to wood and wood to wood. They utilise hexagonal heads, necessitating a spanner or socket for loosening and tightening. As a fastener supplier, we have coach screws available in several sizes.
As fastener suppliers, hex screws are another product that we stock. Otherwise known as machine bolts, hex screws have various fastening applications. Most commonly, they’re meant for fastening through pre-made holes in machinery.
Outside of acting as screw suppliers, Screw Distributors also stock rivets. Pop rivets allow for quick bonding applications of lighter materials like sheet metal. Additionally, they are available in a range of sizes as needed.

Quality Hardware Suppliers

The quality of the products that we make available to our customers meet the standards as set out by ISO 9001:2000. This extends both to all our fasteners as well as our bits and sockets.
Aside from our products, we also provide a fastener engineering consultancy service. This is incredibly helpful for reducing the cost of projects. We inform of the correct fastener sizing and also the quantity needed to meet the needs of your project. This is an endeavour that has served to mark our place as leading screw suppliers.
As such, our clients and customers can rest assured. Whether you need to buy screws online or find the correct information needed, we have you covered.

Your Preferred Fastener Supplier and Bits and Sockets Supplier

The materials we use in our hardware screws vary greatly depending on what they’re needed for. These materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, and more. They also adhere to all necessary industrial standards: ISO, DIN, ANSI, 1IS, ASTM, and more.

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