Essential Screws And Fasteners For Your Tool Kit

At Screw Distributors, we are a trusted supplier of all kinds of screws and fasteners from bolts and nuts to drywall anchors to self-tapping screws and more. As industry leaders, we are here to share with you our top essential fasteners everyone should have handy in their tool kit whet

Pocket Hole Screws

Pocket hole screws are often used when building furniture and cabinetry as they are easy to conceal. Pocket screws join wood with a pre-drilled pocket hole and have a flat, washer-style head that acts as a cushion for the wood. 

Drywall Screws

A drywall screw connects drywall directly to metal or wooden studs. They usually feature a flat tip and coarse thread that make them easier to countersink the screw below the drywall’s surface. Drywall screws provide a significantly stronger hold than a drywall nail. 

Wood Screws

As their name suggests, wood screws are ideally used for joining two pieces of wood together. Typically, wood screws have a semi-threaded shank and can be bought in various lengths, sizes and drive types to suit your project.

Deck Screws

Deck screws are generally intended for outdoor use. Deck screws are usually made from stainless steel in order to prevent rust and corrosion. They are great for building decks, outdoor furniture, window boxes, planters and more. 

Masonry Screws

Masonry screws can be used to fasten materials to stone, concrete, brick as well as mortar joints. Masonry screws are typically found with either a flat head (for countersinking) or a hex washer head (for sitting above the metal’s surface).

Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal needs specific fasteners because it is so hard. Sheet metal screws tighten and secure metal items to each other. They can also be used to fasten plastic, wood or other materials to metal with their sharp tips and shanks featuring fine threads. 

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