Pop Riveting: Using Your Pop Rivet Gun

Nowadays, pop riveting is in popular usage worldwide throughout many different industries. Within its usage, there are two types of pop rivet gun used, with different pop rivet sizes available. One uses compressed air to squeeze a rivet into position, while the other uses a manual mechanism. Pop rivets suppliers usually make both available, as well as different rivet types. This includes stainless steel pop rivets.

Pneumatic rivet guns are generally used for heavy duty applications. This include the automobile and airplane manufacturing industries. The manual pop rivet gun finds usage in a multitude of industries big and small. Reason being, stainless steel pop rivets and other types are well suited for holding lighter metals together. As pop rivets suppliers, Screw Distributors can offer a few tips on the tool’s proper usage.

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Prepare the Correct Pop Rivet Sizes and Other Precautions

There is some required prep work required on your behalf before starting. For one, safety glasses and gloves are a must, as you will be working with metal. This applies for stainless steel pop rivets and otherwise. It’s also important to know what pop rivet sizes you’ll be using beforehand.

Having done this, lay out the sheets of metal that you will be pop riveting. These can be predrilled sheets, though you can also drill your own depending on your pop rivet sizes. Place two of these sheets next to each other, overlapping the holes so that you can fit the rivets inside.

Load Your Stainless Steel Pop Rivets

With your pop rivet gun in one hand, press the tool trigger so that the holding arms are open. Then, push the rivet bought from the pop rivets suppliers into the tool as far as possible. The rivet should rest on a chuck at the back of the gun.
Your stainless steel pop rivets should have the pin facing towards the back of the gun, with the head extended between the teeth. Ensure that you place the rivet directly between the sheets. This will hold the rivet in place as needed.

Installation of the Rivet

When pop riveting, push the head of the rivet through the holes in the metal sheets. Ensure that the rivet goes through both sheets f metal and isn’t obstructed on the other side. Then, pull the handle/trigger of the pop rivet gun until you feel resistance.

After this, release the handle, ensuring the the tool is firmly against the top of the rivet. Repeat this until you hear a pop from the end of the gun. This noise indicates that the pin has broken, and that the rivet is now secured to the sheets. This applies for all pop rivet sizes.

Finishing the Riveting

Assuming you’ve used a quality rivet bought from reputable pop rivets suppliers, the pop rivet gun will pull free of the rivet and hole. You can then turn the gun around, and the pin will eject out of its rear. You can then repeat this process with more stainless steel pop rivets or otherwise.

For purposes of quality, you can smooth down the finished rivet to remove any sharp edges. Also check to make sure that the rivet has properly secured the metal sheets together, then continue the process on another part of the sheet.

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