Wood Screws for Woodworking

The wood screw is likely the most often used wood fastener available. They are mostly used for connecting wooden items together. Wood screws gain their popularity from the clamping force they provide on joints. As wood fasteners go, they are excellent for use in many different applications. Additionally, there is a huge number of wood screw sizes available to buy.

While there are many different types of screws, there are only a few that are usable in woodworking. A common characteristic of the wood screw is the coarse threading it uses for strong bonds in wood. Despite this, wood screws come in a great many varieties. Here, we will cover these differences in detail.

Wood Screw Head Shapes

A wood fastener is mostly available in three different head shapes. They also come available in different wood screw sizes. Round head wood fasteners, for example, have a rounded top with a flat underside. These are useful for bonding thin objects to a wooden surface.

A flat head wood screw fits into tapered recesses, such as holes in other objects. If properly applied, they will sit aligned with the surface. Oval head wood screws are the final type. They are a combination of flat head and round head screws. They have a tapered bottom with a slightly rounded top.

Wood Fastener Head Types

Alongside head shapes, the wood fastener can have different head types. The most common head types on wood fasteners include slotted and cross-head types. Additionally, as wood screw sizes change, so too do the heads to match.

These two wood screw head types tend to offer better grip and don’t strip as easily as other types. Slotted and cross-head wood screws have been an industry standard for a long time. One can attribute this to their reliable and consistent performance.


Wood Screw Sizes by Length

In line with wood screw sizes, a wood fastener is widely available in a massive range of lengths. Depending on the application, there is likely a screw readily available for you.

Most retailers will have wood fasteners available in lengths ranging from 12-150mm. The length of the wood screw also depends on its gauge, which we will cover next.

Gauges (Diameter) in Wood Fasteners

In finding out the thread diameter of wood screws, you calculate this through gauges. In a basic sense, the larger the gauge is, the thicker the screw. NB, the imperial system calculates gauges, while metric uses mm for wood fasteners.

Most retailers will stock a wood fastener in a gauge as small as 3, or 3mm diameter. The largest gauge usually available is gauge size 12, or 6mm. Using this method, wood screw sizes are relatively easy to calculate. This should also simplify your search for the correct screw lengths.

Other Concerns

Be aware, a wood screw is usually made of hardened steel, but other types are available. Brass and stainless steel are other popular materials used in their manufacture. They’re useful for all different kinds of applications, which we will cover in another article.